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President's Message:

I am honored to serve MiMDA -the Michigan Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, which I will refer to as MiMDA – the MI Society. We are in our second year of expanding our membership to Non-physician providers as AMDA – the Society for PA/LTCM refers to nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Spectrum Health, the organization from which I come, refers to this group of practitioners as Advanced Practice Professionals (APPs), which I favor due to the positive reference. We recognize the contribution of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in LTC by offering full membership in MiMDA, including being members of the board and serving as delegates in AMDA – the Society’s annual House of Delegates meeting. We have added several APPs to the Board this past year. Their engagement and contributions have been a great addition to MiMDA –the MI Society.

We also recognize that more and more of our work is team based and that we work in multiple settings across the continuum of long term care. The Board of MiMDA has had a goal for the past several years of making MiMDA- the MI Society more relevant in the long term care community in Michigan. We have a need to engage all of the disciplines that participate in the interdisciplinary teams in the LTC continuum. We would like to build our annual education conference attendance and we hope to achieve this by being able to share the agenda and speakers earlier to attract early registration.

Why would a provider want to join MiMDA-the MI Society? We provide an excellent, affordable annual conference. The annual State Chapter education conference and AMDA-the Society annual meetings offer great networking opportunity. The MiMDA- the MI Society Board is available by email for your administrative and clinical questions. MiMDA both participates with and provides education for other long term care organizations in Michigan. We maintain a relationship with the State of Michigan LARA, Long Term Care Division, and may be able to help address questions or concerns as they arise in your facilities at the state level. Nurse Practitioners who belong to the state chapter of GAPNA have the opportunity to join MiMDA-the MI Society at half-price the regular rate.

We are interested in your ideas of how MiMDA-the MI Society can become more relevant to your practice and have more influence in long term care in Michigan. We are the only organization that represents physicians in long term care and one of few that represents APPs in the long term care space. I can be reached at

It is a privilege to serve as the State Chapter President. Thanks you for the opportunity.

Iris F Boettcher MD, CMD
Spectrum Health Medical Group Division Chief of Geriatrics,
Home based Primary Care and Home and Community Services